About this Rank

Super Moderators are essentially global moderators. They oversee the community to ensure rules are being followed and hand out punishments at their discretion. Though the name may imply otherwise, NF does not have a regular moderator rank. Employing one person to moderate over just a few boards can be considered a waste of resources as a spammer could simply attack any of the boards that moderate does not oversee. To avoid that, we simply allow our moderators to oversee the entire board.

In addition, Super Moderators are allowed to view the staff area of the board, along with administrators. The staff board is different from The Cave as sages are unable to see it. Only the most important issues are discussed here, including any sage/moderator promotions that may occur.

Moderators are chosen by administrators and other Super Moderators. Sages generally do not have a say in who becomes a moderator unless personally asked by a member of the administration.

Current Super Moderators

Past Super Moderators

It is assumed that any administrators have been the rank of a Super Moderator (excluding Pulse); those people will not be listed here.