A member who has been active, who promotes intelligent discussion, is well-received among the other forum members, and who contributes something special to NF has a very good chance of becoming a Sage. Sages are rewarded with access to a special area of the forum which allows them to have a voice in future projects and saging. Their voice is has nearly as much volume as a staff members in most of the issues surrounding the board. In addition, they are given their own member group and rank image.

NF has had a large number of sages in the past, but that number has been lowered due to members taking advantage of their promotion. NF had a policy of 'once a sage, always a sage'. The only way a sage could be demoted is if they continually broke rules. NF now has a policy that requires sages to be active members of the community, and can only be inactive with an approved reason. The sage title is a revered title, and is not one the staff gives out lightly. We try to see the potential and members and what they offer to the board before promoting. In the case of saging, unlike becoming a staff member, it only requires a majority vote from staff and other sages to go through.

Current Sages: