About this Rank

Administration is a title that has been given to few over the time NF has been open. Those that have earned the title have done a lot for the board as a moderator and member. Usually administrators have a role that is given to them when promoted. Some are in charge of the community, some may be in charge of future projects, and others may be in charge of the more technical aspects of the forum. Administrators are always chosen carefully and the decision to promote must be unanimous among the administration, but not necessarily the Super Moderators or Sages. Administrators that were briefly promoted to complete a specific task within the ACP (adding images, changing domains, etc.) are not included in this list.

About Past Administrators

Most administrators were promoted to fill a gap after one left. We have had many shifts between these administrators, but the number has remained relativelty small given that NF has been open for nearly seven years. Pulse (Matt) is not included in the current administrator list due to his absence from the forum for nearly three years.

For more info about these administrators, feel free to go to their page.

Current Administrators

Past Administrators